Testimonials from just a few of our satisfied customers.


MLS Lawn Care,

"Thank You", for maintaining my yard for the past several years. At 75 years old I can no longer take care of my own yard and I needed someone dependable.  MLS is VERY dependable! My yard is taken care of as I would take care of it.  I have always taken pride in the appearance of my yard and with your care, I can still do that. They are always here on schedule with a smile on there face and may I add......they always remember to close the gate! I really appreciate that!  I can't think of another company I would rather have to care for my yard than MLS Lawn Care.

Keep up the good work. Spring has sprung!

Shirley Finney

MLS Lawncare has mowed numerous properties for us last year and will continue to do so this coming season. With his professional style, they have always been reliable and maintained the properties so they always look good.

Dana Hope

Residential Restructuring Company

"Great pricing,hard working,pays attention to details.Thank you

Francis Mull

Residential Customer

If you are looking for a really good lawn care, and good prices, look no further. MLS does a great job, and takes such pride in there work. They are very dependable, and friendly too. I have referred several people to this service, and they too have been very pleased with there work.

 Sincerely,A. Ebner